lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

On with the show

Good evening one and all we're all so glad to see you here

We'll play your favorite songs while you're all soak up the atmosphere

We'll start with old man river, then maybe stormy weather, too

I'm sure you know just what to do

On with the show good health to you

Please pour another glass, it's time to watch the cabaret

Your wife will never know that you're not really working late

Your hostess here is Wendy, you'll find her very friendly, too

And we don't care just what you do

On with the show good health to you

Petina, start the show at 2 o'clock

And if by chance you find that you can't make it anymore

We'll put you in a cab and get you safely to the door

But we've got all the answers, and we've got lovely dancers, too

There's nothing else you have to do

On with the show good health to you

You're all such lovely people dancing gaily round the floor

But if you have to fight, please take your trouble out the door

For now I say with sorrow, until this time tomorrow

We'll bid you all a fond adieu

On with the show good health to you


Siempre me ha encantado esta forma tan circense de acabar un álbum tan deliciosamente loco como éste, que demostraba que los Stones también podían ser psicodélicos si les apetecía, saludos.

Rolling Stones: Their satanic majesties request

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